Evan Scott's case took years in court!

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I was on a research mission.  Armed with my computer and a tub of Christmas cookies, I spent hours on Google trying to find information on contested adoption cases.  I found the case of Evan Scott, and this particular adoption disaster seemed to heed a warning, especially as some of the initial circumstances surrounding the child's early relinquishment seemed to mirror our situation:

1)  Evan's biological mother was physically abused by the birthfather during the pregnancy.  According to reports, she was even hospitalized following the attack.  The biological father was arrested.

In our case, Kendra claimed to have been physically assaulted by bio-dad during pregnancy.  Bio-dad was still awaiting his day in court to face these charges.

2)  Evan Scott got placed with prospective adoptive parents immediately following his birth.  The bio dad contested the adoption, but the prospective adoptive parents pursued a legal battle and retained custody of Evan during the lengthy court proceedings.

In our case, bio-dad had not officially contested the adoption, but he had signed the putative father registry.  I imagined he would complete all necessary steps to contest the adoption altogether.  

3)  Reports indicate that Evan Scott was to return to his birthmother if the adoption got contested.  (Please note that some news reports claim that no such plan was ever made between the birthmother and the prospective adoptive parents).

In our case, we had the very same plan!  Kendra would take Lily back if bio-dad contested the adoption.

4)  In the Evan Scott case, it seems the prospective adoptive parents did not simply return Evan to his natural mother once the bio-dad contested the adoption (and he did so within his legal time frame).  The birthmother wanted her son returned, but the case went to court and took OVER THREE AND A HALF YEARS to be decided.  To watch video footage of Evan's return to his natural mother, click here.

In our case, I had every intention of returning Lily to Kendra if bio-dad contested the adoption.  That was the plan.  

5)  Evan Scott would not even remain with his bio-mother.  He would go on to get abused by his stepfather; in turn, Evan's biological father would finally get custody of him in the spring of 2006, when Evan reached the age of five!

In our case, there was NO WAY I would allow Baby Lily to suffer even the possibility of getting thrown around for years.  NO WAY.  If bio-dad contested the adoption, I would be sad, but I would return her to Kendra.  She had two older half-brothers waiting for her.

6)  The Evan Scott case occurred in our home state.  There was, in fact, recent legal precedent of a child getting returned to the natural family after YEARS of court proceedings.  I planned to ask Shelley about the Evan Scott case the following morning.  

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