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7:20 pm

I have been unable to continue writing Baby Lily's story.  I will return to the story eventually, but for now, my apologies for this ongoing hiatus.

I simply cannot manage the retelling of an unethical adoption story that has already run its course--that is already over and done with--while the unethical adoption of Veronica Brown is taking place.  Baby Lily's story is important too, of course, but Veronica Brown needs your help right now!

Please sign the petition linked in my previous post.  Please call the politicians and demand a hearing to consider the best interest of this child.  Please, if you have derived anything--pleasure, information, etc. from reading this blog--I beg you to educate yourself on Veronica Brown's case and help save her from an unethical adoption.  

You can also join the Facebook page "Standing Our Ground For Veronica Brown" for further information.

Thank you.



Kellie C said...

I understand completely. I am so saddened by all that is happening to that poor little girl. It brings up so much anger and frustration, and I find myself unable to write anything. It's like watching a horrible accident take place right in front of you.

Jay Iyer said...

Dear Jennifer,

I hear you - am unable to think of anything else these days. I am utterly shocked that there has been no best interests hearing. At this point, unless there is a miracle, all seems to be stacked in the Capobiancos' favor. They will never walk away, you know it - and I fear they will argue legality over humanity, all the way to the bitter end, until they successfully hound this father into giving up his precious daughter.

Please see Baby Lily's story through to the end, when you feel up to it - it needs to be told


Shawnele said...

I found you via your post on the "Save Veronica Rose" page. (Isn't that even a horrible motto - save her from what? From whom?)

I am so intrigued by your blog - and so blessed that you would take time from blogging about baby Lily to encourage your readers to advocate for Veronica.

I look forward to hearing more about your journey through an unethical adoption - and I appreciate being in the trenches with your for "Ronnie" as she is now known.

Jennifer said...


Glad you found me before they took down my post--it was gone when I checked this morning. Luckily, I have a copy of it saved and will post it to my blog as soon as I can. Thanks for reading.

Jennifer :)

Lorraine Dusky said...

Thank you for sharing your story at First Mother Forum. I knew there were other good people like you out there that we do not hear about.

All good wishes--lorraine

Jennifer said...

Thanks Lorraine. I'm keeping my fingers crossed for the Browns. The news today, from what I can gather despite the gag order, looks hopeful.

Glad you stopped by!

Jennifer :)